I would build me a high castle in the air
And dream that I am safely sheltered there,
Surround it with a moat deep enough
To keep out hate and keep out love.

Then I'd build a high intimidating tower
Of conspicuous and inviolative power
From which, secure, I would know and see
The face of, and fathom, the enemy.

And if seditious bridges are built
To drag me in and out of guilt --
Round and glistening maidens, whose eyes,
Almond-shaped and emerald, disguise

All evils of Eden, the plangencies of pain
To drag me in and out again
The rages within and the riots without
By seditious systems of acceptance and doubt --

I'll build me then a central citadel,
The highest in a high place in hell,
There to succumb, there to die,