We're in the ring now
and some would say
we've been overmatched.
But we're sure of our skills
and know how to punch
and move away smoothly.

all the time
we keep him away;
we keep him off balance;
we fool him into leading
and counterpunch

Moving gracefully
a little forward
or back a little
or slipping sideways
or left or right
or sliding under
we got tapped
only now and then.

We do all right.
He hasn't hurt us.
We're in training
and move along
with incomparable
speed and grace
and we aren't even
breathing hard.

Our skills remain intact
and out mastery consummate
as the action speeds up.
The heavyweight, we know,
has his skills, too,
and all he has to do
is hit us once and we're

And this, in one round
or the next, Life
always does.