When I quit this mortal coil,
None will feel bereft,
I'll curse, contaminate and soil
Everything that's left.

I'll not leave a thing that's whole
Will smash everything in sight,
And most of all the human soul
Will abuse with all my might.

Most dearly would I love to be
A real son of a bitch;
That none alive shall live and rue me
When I'm set right in my niche.

For if I truly love the ones
I'm going to leave behind,
Better they should make no bones,
The way I drove them out of mind,

That finally I'm gone and buried
And will not plague them any more;
That, at last, I have been ferried
To a shore beyond their shore.

It's the least that I can do for
People who have given
Me everything they had and more
Before I go to heaven.